If we all had what we wanted, there would be a tire that delivers great traction on wet, dry or snowy roads. It would be quiet and smooth-riding, with phenomenal Tires in Thousand Oaks CA traction and cornering, it’d last 100,000 miles and it would cost $20. And we’d all have a pony, and could eat all the cheeseburgers we wanted without gaining a pound.

It’s not a perfect world, of course, and we have to make choices when it comes to tires. Here’s how it breaks down (roughly):

All-season tires are sort of a jack of all trades, master of none. Their rubber formulation and tread designs means they’re comfortable and quiet, with good touring-style handling, and will usually last for a long service life. All-season tires are great in wet conditions, but unfortunately are pretty worthless if there’s more than an inch or two of snow on the ground.

Performance tires are softer and stickier for responsive handling and cornering performance. They’re usually a bit wider for a bigger contact patch, and may have a shallower tread than an all-season tire. The tradeoff comes in a shorter service life and poor performance in cold weather, as that soft rubber formulation tends to harden.

Winter tires are designed specifically for snow and ice. They feature a deeper, more aggressive tread pattern and a rubber formulation that’s designed to stay flexible and pliable in sub-freezing weather. For extreme conditions, some winter tires are pre-drilled to make it easy to mount metal studs (where legal). The downside of winter tires? They begin to wear very quickly in temperatures above 40 degrees or so.

Truck tires are available in a wide range of designs, from all-season tires that deliver a carlike ride to tough and aggressive all-terrain or mud tires. Despite their larger size, though, truck tires are as straightforward to replace as automobile tires. Just bear in mind what sort of use your truck is likely to see (i.e. hauling, towing, off-road use, etc) and make your choices accordingly.

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